“Clean Medina Campaign”

Birmingham, from http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=908567463&size=s under creative commons

Date: Sunday 23rd September 2007
Time: 2.00 pm – 7.45 pm
Location: Somerville Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10

Inner City Muslims show the true Jihad – Jihad against litter in
inner city Brum. Rappers, drummers, and flag wavers with litter
pickers to hand will converge on Small Heath’s Somerville Road
to clean up the district.

Tired of rubbish-strewn streets, Muslims have decided to clean
up and recycle, going from mosque to mosque, starting with
Noor-ul-Uloom mosque, Birmingham’s oldest. The Clean Medina
Campaign will be launched with a big push, a shout (Allahu
Akbar) and a (movie) shoot (cast of thousands, all mujahidin).
We are also making a film – Smallywood Heath in Brum.

Since it is Ramadhan, with everyone fasting we might want to
take things easy. But it’s a war we’re on, part of the greater
war on waste – no small thing and no let up until we’ve made
street-trash history. Ordnance will be provided by Birmingham
City Council for this feisty, festive Jihad. Clean up! Green
up! Clean Medina! Making Brum Beautiful!

Fazlun Khalid of IFEES (Islamic Foundation for Ecology and
Environmental Sciences), sponsors of the Clean Medina campaign,
whose international headquarters are in Balsall Heath says,
“Definitely let’s be more house proud of our beautiful Brum.
We have a responsibility for stewardship of the Earth which
is beautiful.”

As it will already be the fasting month, we won’t be eating
until sunset. So have breakfast (iftar) with us then. All
are welcome! Even if you’re not Muslim, of course. These
things concern us all. We’ll get the street so clean you
can eat off it. Join us for the jihad!

For more information please contact 0121 773 0602 or Assad
on 07969 897 607.

The project is supported by Bham Council (providing the ‘weapons’ of the green jihad: brooms & litter picks!), IFEES and Islamic Relief.