Ramadan blogger continued…

BBC Birmingham

Wednesday 26th September 2007

We’re on day 14 and most people are way in the thick of fasting. I am trying to make the prayers in the evening but again, given the schedule I think I’ve been quite neglectful. Unfortunately one of my lesser active Ramadans I’d say. I intend to pick it up over the next ten days to make sure I can make the most of the significant nights.

I am more relaxed. I’ve found a rhythm. The serenity comes in ways and a lot of it comes with the foods that I eat. If I eat heavier food it has a big effect on my temperament. I’d never noticed how food can affect one’s spirit.

Eating hot and spicy foods fires me up like a rocket! On the other hand bland and mild food doesn’t affect me in the same way. In terms of your temperament, your attitudes towards people and the amount you eat – you are what you eat. Fast food has a different meaning: it’s not about getting your food quickly, it’s about getting food for fasting.

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