MINE newsletter

From flickr creative commonsWelcome to this edition of news sharing from the Midlands Islamic Network for the Environment (MINE).

  • Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road, 15/11
  • Climate Change & Poverty, 16/11
  • Clean Medina in Small Heath, 24/11
  • Buy Nothing Day, 24/11
  • National Tree Week, 21/11 – 2/12
  • HomePlanet & other plans

Corruption has appeared in the land and sea for that men’s own hands have earned, that God may let them taste some part of what they have done, so that they may return to their senses (Qur’an 30: 41)

“Live in this world as if you were going to live forever; prepare for the next world as if you were going to die tomorrow.” (Prophet Muhammad)
Individually we can make a difference, together we can change the world!

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