More events @ The Zawiyah

24/11/07 – Saturday

2.00pm – 3.00pm Hanafi Fiqh class taught by Shaykh Amjad. Open to brothers and sisters.
5.00pm – Shaykh Amjad will give a short talk on Spirituality, followed by questions and mint tea. Open to brothers and sisters.
7.30pm – 10pm approx. A short program of Dhikr (brothers only)

25/11/07 – Sunday at The Zawiyyah with Special Guest Imam Syed Hassan Bukhari:

Monthly gathering at the Zawiyyah with special guest Imam Syed Hassan Bukhari. Imam Syed Hassan Bukhari graduated from Al Azhar University with Ijazah to teach 10 recitals of the Quran. He has ijazah from Shaykh Ismail and Shaykh Ragib Ghalwosh al Al Azhar, regarded by many as the greatest Tahqeeq wa Tadweer reciters in the world.

Schedule InshaAllah:
1.00pm Mufti Naeem will deliver his monthly dars from Imam Maliks Muwatta
3.00pm Asr followed by Qasaid from the Boutchichi singers
3.40pm Imam Hassan Bukhari. 7 times world qirat winner.
Finish with Salat al Maghrib

Open to brothers and sisters. Invite your family and friends!

ninja from flickr creative commonsWednesdays – Kickboxing classes for sisters

New kickboxing class starting this Wednesday. 5 – 6pm. Small fee. Please call the office for more details.

The Zawiyyah
1 Jenkins Street (off Coventry Road)
Small Heath
For more info. Tel: 0121 766 8364

Archery Lessons – Alum Rock

Archery Lessons. Brothers and sisters, aged 7+.
Sundays 10.30am – 12.30pm.
Please call the Zawiyyah office for more details.