The Future of Islam in Britain: New Muslims Perspective

The Future of Islam in Britain: New Muslims Perspective

3rd – 4th March 2008

Frank Price Building (Room FP12), Selly Oak Campus, University of Birmingham

The Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham will be holding a Spring Symposium entitled The Future of Islam in Britain: New Muslims Perspective as part of Dr. Haifaa Jawad’s current work on the subject.

The aim is to investigate the intellectual contributions of British Muslims, especially new Muslims to the religion of Islam, and explore their roles in shaping our social and theological landscapes, with particular focus on the development of a ‘British Islam’.


Reza Shah-Kazemi ‘Martin Lings and the Universality of Islam’

Colin Turner ‘Dreaming of Medina: Religious Externalism and its Impact on Muslims in Britain’

Tim Winter ‘Yahya Parkinson (1874 – 1918)’

Ibrahim Hewitt ‘British Muslims and Education for the future’

Yahya Birt ‘Conversion, Betrayal and Liberalism: Some Preliminary Reflections’

Jeremy Henzell-Thomas ‘A Creative Minority for Social Renewal: The Challenge for Muslims in Britain Today’

Sarah Joseph ‘Islam and the Media’

Hasan Gai Eaton ‘Whither Islam in Contemporary Britain?’

Salma Yaqoob ‘British Muslim Radicalism: Threat or Opportunity?’

Yasin Dutton ‘The Future of British Islam: Politics, Economics, and Religion’

Batool Al-Toma ’New Muslims – Cultural Mediators and Bridge Builders’

Chris Allen ‘Normalising Muslims – The Role of British Muslims’

Laura McDonald ‘Conversion, Identity and Social Activism: Making Space for British Islam’

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