Too Punk To Pray : Sufi Punk

Too Punk To Pray : Sufi Punk debuts at The Fierce Festival, 29th /30th May, 7pm, The Edge , 79-81 Cheapside , Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0QH.

Sufi PunkBirmingham, West Midlands, 29th and 30th May 2008, 7pm: Artist Sufi Punks debuts with Too Punk to Pray”, an installation performance piece inspired by the notion of prayer.  Sufi Punk believes everyone prays, be it ritualistic prayers to a God or people doing everyday things such as watching the rain fall or listening to music. This work in progress will be part of the Fierce Festival. It will incorporate ideas from questions asked of the public such as what does a prayer feel like ? What else gives you this feeling?

Sufi Punk concludes from the answers that prayer can be seen as a moment of “letting go” which brings on positive energy e.g. feeling stressed then listening to music or having a hair cut to feel good about yourself.  Ritualistic prayer is a deeper version of the idea of letting go – letting go of the ego and opening up to possibilities. To book for the performance please ring on 0121 244 8080.

Sufi Punk works with Birmingham based Arts and Faith social enterprise Ulfah Arts.

Ulfah Arts is keen to develop such artists that explore faith and ideas which try and bring people together.  We hope to continue to work with Sufi Punk in developing her thought provoking concepts and will keep you posted on how her work develops.

Naz Koser | Ulfah Arts

Office:0121 446 4460