Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) in Birmingham (II)

Lack of transparency from Birmingham City Council?

Following the previous email to the council, I sent another request via email to the council.  I initially replied back to the council on the same email that was sent to me (this was on April 22nd) but the email ‘reply to’ address was malformed.  It took a while to work out why I wasn’t getting a reply, so, I emailed the PR folk at Birmingham City Council, as well as the person who answered my original query on June 26.

    I have a further request regarding the preventing violent extremism fund that is distributed through the council.  The questions below should be more precise than last time.

    1. Who are the external stakeholders organisations running the projects?
    2. How much money did each stakeholder get?
    3. What specific projects were run by each stakeholder?
    4. What were the objectives of these projects?
    5. What were/are the start dates and when do they end?
    6. Is there a monitoring framework?
    7. How is success in these projects measured by the council?

    I would like this information for any under the £525,000 announced initially and the further £800,000 announced yesterday for Birmingham.

    Please treat this request as a ‘Freedom of Information request’.

    Many thanks

I had sent this request via email, and bearing in mind I was following guidance on the FOI website which stated merely tha requests had to be in writing, and a full name and address and contact information given.  I had done so.  The response from the council came back – I need to fill in the right form – then within 20 working days I would receive a reply.  So the form has been despatched (just this morning though), the answers not likely to be forthcoming for a while.

The PR folk at Birmingham City Council were not professional (they could have pointed out I need to fill a form in).  Also, I think if they did get wind of people inquiring about a particular type of funding, silence is not really a good option.  The answers to where this money is being spent is still not forthcoming.  As  taxpayers, we are entitled to this information and it should be public knowledge.

I have pdf’s of the email correspondence with the council to back up the details and timelines.   To the readers of this site, I would encourage you to ask your local councillor to make all the minutes and funding details related to the PVE funding available on the “Democracy in Birmingham” website.

Friday 8th August