MINE and Homeplanet Show

Midlands Islamic Network for the Environment (MINE)

The main person behind MINE is Rianne ten Veen, whose day-to-day job is working for an International NGO.

She can be reached on riannetv@care2.com

Type of work:
Aim to increase environmental awareness, share environment-related information and events, provide training and social events.
Still in the early stages, but facilitate discussions, training on ‘Quran, creation and conservation’, Home Planet – environmental radio show on Unity FM (from end October 2006).
Understanding and knowledge of environmental issues, practical experience on how to live greener.

Mine updates:

21-May-2008: MINE: What’s up in Brum and elswhere

12-Feb-2008: MINE: faith&enviro circles; multifaith quiz; fairtrade & enviro; green place of worship exchange; debt&climate change

23-Dec-2007: MINE – new plans for 2008

25-Nov-2007: MINE: treeplanting!; climate demo; newfaith & environment circles

MINE: Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road; Climate Change&Poverty; Clean Medina; Buy Nothing Day; National Tree Week

Homeplanet show on Unity FM

Unity FM is a new community radio station broadcasting on 93.5 FM from the Amanah/ Bordesley Centre at the beginning of Stratford Road. It aims primarily at eastern Birmingham though internet broadcasting is foreseen too. After some lobbying, the Midlands Islamic Network for the Environment (MINE) managed to secure a slot for an environment show: HomePlanet. The two-hour weekly show will be broadcast from 8-10pm on Tuesday evenings.

  • Costing the Earth: informative slot looking at man’s effect on the environment and at how the environment reacts
  • Green Birmingham: focus on local ‘green’ community project/ group
  • Faith & Environment: thoughts of a (local) faith, knowledgeable person on green inspiration from faith perspective
  • Save cash & save the planet: practical tips on how to be green on a small income (including the EcoTeam that will report on their attempts to change their lifestyle to a cheaper, greener one)

HomePlanet is developed by MINE (Midlands Islamic Network for the Environment) in cooperation with Friends of the Earth (FoE) and the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environment Sciences (IFEES) and presented by Rianne C. ten Veen. Previous shows of HomePlanet can be listened to on http://www.twango.com/channel/BirminghamFOE.HomePlanet. (You can download the list of shows from the following link – updated 7 April 2007).


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