MINE: treeplanting; climate demo; new faith & environment circles

Assalam aleikum (may peace be upon you) Brothers and Sisters,

May this message find you in the best of health and spirits.

MINE’s radio show is coming to an end (again, for now). There will, God willing, be 2 more live shows of HomePlanet on Unity FM, on 15 & 22 December. However, there will be many other things available (and perhaps someone will be inspired to succeed HomePlanet or interested in dedicating a slot in another show to environment/ Creation?!)





Contrary to recent news that the treeplanting might be off due to the trees not being ready, fortunately we can now go ahead! To mark this year’s National Tree Week several local organisations have coordinated a Tree Planting Ceremony in Small Heath Park. We will be noting the significance of Trees to Faiths with some short speeches. Speaking at the Ceremony will be Muhammad Imran, Development Education Manager at Islamic Relief and Ray Gaston, former Vicar at All Hallows Church, Hyde Park, Leeds. We will be planting 6 Lime Trees on the Lime Avenue side of Small Heath Park. Trees gratefully provided by Birmingham City Council. Please bear the cold and join us for this short yet integral ceremony and support Tree Planting in Small Heath Park (there will be some delicious warm spiced apple juice)!

When: Wednesday 28th November 2007; 13.30pm
Where: along Lime Avenue, Small Heath Park

More info: Maud Grainger, multifaith@birminghamfoe.org.uk; tel: 0121 632 6909

For more Information on National Tree Week, please visit http://www.treecouncil.org.uk/.
Organised and Supported by: Friends of the Earth Birmingham, Midlands Islamic Network for the Environment (MINE), Friends of Small Heath Park, Islamic Relief and Birmingham City Council


To coincide with UN climate talks in Bali 5-13 Dec ’07, there will be a National Climate March/Global Day of Action in London (and simultaneous demos will be held all across the world). Coach from Carrs Lane Church Centre and Bham University. The coach is organised by B’ham Campaign against Climate Change. Their next meeting will follow after 8 Dec (ie on 12 Dec), so as to follow-on from inspired march. The meeting will feature an intro talk on the subject: “Is brown green? Is the climate change bill a con?” followed by a discussion.Show you care about Creation!

When: 8 December ’07 (with follow –up mtg in Brum on 12 Dec)

Where: London (cheap coaches from Bham arranged)

More info: contact Stuart Richardson (07775942841) to book your place on the coach (12 gbp for waged, 6 gbp for unwaged); http://www.campaigncc.org


Events like treeplanting or organic iftar are a great opportunity to get together and think about the role of Creation in our faith…but they are one-off. So to complement this, MINE (with the support of B’ham FoE) are looking at organising the following circles, starting in the new year:

1) Faith & Environment-themed monthly book club; multifaith

2) Faith & Environment-themed monthly practical discussion group; multifaith; ladies only

3) Islam & Environment-themed monthly halaqa; sisters only

No more than 15 people to attend per circle to ensure that all can contribute. Details (like dates & location) currently being agreed. Get in touch if you’re interested in participating in one or more!

In peace,



Info on HomePlanet, environment radio shows archive:

http://www.birminghamfoe.org.uk/ClimateandFaith (check under ‘Resources’)

Corruption has appeared in the land and sea for that men’s own hands have earned, that God may let them taste some part of what they have done, so that they may return to their senses (Qur’an 30: 41)

“Live in this world as if you were going to live forever; prepare for the next world as if you were going to die tomorrow.” (Prophet Muhammad)

Individually we can make a difference, together we can change the world!